• God With Us
  • Prince of Peace
  • Gentle Night
  • From Ashes to Glory
  • To Praise You
  • Walking the Sacred Path (CD)
  • Earthen Vessels:  40th Anniversary Edition
  • Here I Am, Lord


Featured Collections

  • God With Us (Cover Final B).indd

    God With Us

    Featuring beautiful photos, music, scripture and a focused reflection, this prayer book will help one to pray through the busy days of Advent and Christmas.
  • Prince-of-Peace-3

    Prince of Peace

    This marvelous collection features Dan Schutte's original songs to celebrate the seasons of Advent and Christmas. Every year one of our best-sellers.
  • Gentle-Night-400x400

    Gentle Night

    This classic, seasonal collection is a complete anthology of music for Advent and Christmas. Released in 1977, Gentle Night is a collection of music by the St. Louis Jesuits. It contains some of their most beloved and treasured works, including "Patience, People," "Children Run Joyfully" and "Wake From Your Sleep."
  • From-Ashes-to-Glory

    From Ashes to Glory

    5 out of 5
    Announcing the print version of a new prayer book by Dan Schutte to help a person pray through the seasons of Lent and Easter from Ash Wednesday to Pentecost.
  • To-Praise-You

    To Praise You

    This is Dan's most recent collection of music for personal prayer and communal worship. It features some of his best and most mature works with songs that speak to our minds and hearts.
  • Walking-the-Sacred-Path

    Walking the Sacred Path (CD)

    This 2-CD set accompanies Dan's book of spiritual exercises featuring 30 prayer reflections to help guide a person on the path of faith.
  • EV-40th-400x400

    Earthen Vessels: 40th Anniversary Edition

    Rediscover how the Holy Spirit inspired five young men to create extraordinary music that would enjoy a cherished place in the hearts of generations of Christians around the world.
  • Here-I-Am-Lord

    Here I Am, Lord

    5 out of 5
    This is the anniversary edition of Dan's first anthology collection featuring many of the pieces composed during his early years as a composer when working with the St. Louis Jesuits.
  • Neither Silver Nor Gold

    Neither Silver Nor Gold

    Now available in a remastered 2-CD set, Neither Silver Nor Gold is the debut album from the popular St. Louis Jesuits. Their scripture-based texts and singable melodies greatly influenced the world of liturgical music for decades.
  • You-Are-Near

    You Are Near

    5 out of 5
    This album features four instrumental suites with beautiful arrangements of some of Dan's most beautiful songs and hymns.
  • All-My-Days

    All My Days

    All of us have had moments when we hear something -- a familiar melody, a favorite instrument -- that makes us pause, remember God and enter spontaneously into prayer.
  • Morning-Light-400x400

    Morning Light

    The St. Louis Jesuits reunion collection: hope-filled songs for Sunday liturgies, funerals, retreats, prayer services and other celebrations.